Mitsubishi EVO Parts

Mitsubishi EVO Parts

Mitsubishi EVO Performance Racing Products can be found at Vivid Racing for all models including the EVO VIII, EVO IX, and EVO X.  Vivid Racing carries many high end components to make your Mitsubishi EVO the best handling, most powerful, exotic looking, and more.  We carry parts for the Lancer Evolution including Exhausts, Intakes, Springs, Coilovers, Turbos, Sway Bars, Body Kits, Carbon Fiber Hoods, Wheels, Fuel Rails, Engines, Clutches, Flywheels, Short Shifters, and much more.

After the success of Subaru and their WRX, Mitsubishi brought out the Lancer Evolution to the states in 2003.  The 2.0L turbocharged engine had been making strong impressions all over the rest of the world as the Evolution VII.  With Vivid Racing’s strong distribution channels from Australia and Japan, we were one of the first in the market bringing over hard to get products like Ralliart, Varis, Monster Sport, Garage HRS, Voltex, and more.  Since then, the Mitsubishi EVO market has exploded and Vivid Racing has been a key company in building many of the most recognized and top performing EVO’s.  With the capabilities of this car on the street, track, and drag strip, the Mitsubishi EVO has been a performance car of choice for automotive enthusiasts wanting to tear up its rival, the Subaru STI.

Vivid Racing has built one of the most recognized EVO VIII of its time.  Being featured in 6 magazines worldwide, our Project EVO VIII was converted to look like the EVO VII with C-West Aero Parts and featured aggressive components from Advan, Bride, JIC Magic, Rigid, Greddy, Ralliart, and much more. Next we have the 2008 Project EVO X.  This is confirmed as the first EVO X in the USA with a GT35R Turbo Kit, Full Body Kit, Suspension, and completely done.  This car features many products including our Agency Power Turbo Kit, Agency Power Exhaust, Agency Power Rear Control Arms, Test & Service Body Kit, and more.  Expect to see this car in upcoming magazines soon!

Check out all our great Mitsubishi EVO VII, VIII, IX, X Performance Racing Parts on our indepth catalog.

Vivid Racing carries over 1000 aftermarket products for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Cold Air Intake Kits Gauges Radiator Hoses Roll Cages
Short Ram Intake Kits Turbo Timers Catback Exhausts Coilovers
Big Brake Kits Fuel Pumps Downpipes Springs
Brake Rotors Fuel Rails Cat Delete Pipes Short Shifters
Brake Lines Intake Manifolds Body Kits Clutches
ECU Tuning Pistons, Rods, Internals Body Kits, Hoods, Spoilers Turbo Kits, Intercoolers, BOV’s
Boost Controllers Aluminum Radiators Racing Seats Wheels and Tires