Life. It’s hectic, busy and finding a free moment to tackle a hefty project can be immensely challenging. So when a customer came in needing some assistance in creating the Liberty Walk Nissan GTR that was glimmering in their dreams at night, the professionals at Exclusive Motoring out of Miami, FL came to the rescue.

Their task was to take a perfectly good GTR and make it a showstopper with quality that showed in all of the detailed areas. How to take an already legendary chassis to the next level you may ask? Well the guys at Exclusive Motoring were tapped to install a complete Liberty Walk wide-body kit along with the matching rear spoiler. To go with the facelift, the guys at Exclusive Motoring were also doing a full color change to Gun Metallic Grey with Satin Black accents.

Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_2-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_3-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_4-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_5-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_1-1110x740

Since the GTR was sitting wider, a set of color matched Forgiato Wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires were added to fill the newly found space in the GTR’s arches. You’re probably wondering how wide right? The Forgiato Wheels are 22×11 in the front (wrapped in 285/30/22) and 22×12 in the rear (315/25/22). With all the attention going to the exterior, Exclusive Motoring also took the time to do a full custom interior that would mesh perfectly with the color change. Along with the custom upholstery, a custom audio system was installed with Mosconi Amps and Processors pushing 2 12” JL Audio W6’s and Focal speakers.

Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_8-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_9-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_7-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_6-1110x740

The end result of a massive amount of hours is a Liberty Walk Nissan GTR that is simply stunning. The new look inside and out paired with the performance parts that were already on the car give this GTR a fresh new look with some serious curb appeal. As you can tell in these beautiful shots by Raymond Neice, sometimes it’s good to bring the experts when trying to accomplish the build of your dreams.



Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_10-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_11-1110x740

We’ve decided to try something a little different with this feature. Check out some photos Raymond Neice documented from this build at Exclusive Motoring. If you are in or around the Miami area and need good work done to your car check out these guys!

Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_12-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_Cover-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_35-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_34-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_33-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_32-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_31-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_30-1110x739 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_29-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_28-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_27-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_26-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_25-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_24-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_23-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_22-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_21-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_20-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_19-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_18-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_17-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_16-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_15-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_14-1110x740 Exclusive_Motoring_Liberty_Walk_Nissan_GTR_13-1110x740