Political blogger Guido Fawkes has rented a tank, and The Stig is currently driving it from Westminster to the BBC headquarters to deliver the petition

Jeremy Clarkson’s future at the BBC is up in the air at the moment following his scuffle with a producer, and the Top Gear host’s expletive-ridden speech last night implied he might lose his job over the incident.

That hasn’t stopped political blogger Guido Fawkes, who is the man responsible for starting a petition to have Clarkson reinstated. The petition has an incredible 990,000 signatures, and is being delivered to the BBC today… on a tank.

Police have released a statement confirming they are aware of a ‘self-propelled gun’ roaming the streets of London, and The Stig is piloting it.


The tank is behind schedule due to the fact it keeps breaking down, however journalists waiting at BBC HQ as well as following the machine on its route have been live tweeting the publicity stunt. Here’s a collection of their images:

tank2 ank