Back in 2006 Luis was living in Massachusetts. As a Wisconsin native, the east coast never really grew on Luis. He often found himself coming back home to visit friends and family. On one fateful trip, an uncle invited Luis to a family BBQ. The usual great food and company was anticipated, but he never expected to find the gem of the car you see featured today.

Luis had not see his uncle since early childhood. Much to Luis’ surprise, his uncle was a fellow car enthusiast. Tucked away and barely covered by a weathered tarp, Luis recognized those familiar headlights and grill of a Datsun 510. At that moment he knew the wagon had to be his, but he didn’t know how attached his uncle was to the vehicle.


After a few beers, Luis finally mustered up the courage to ask his uncle what his plans were for the 510. His uncle had some bold ideas and even considered a rotary swap. Unfortunately, his plans never came to fruition due to his busy schedule. At that point Luis asked if he would consider selling the car to his “favorite nephew.” His uncle gingerly laughed and before you knew it, Luis was the proud new owner of a Datsun 510 Wagon…or so he thought.


Luis flew back to Massachusetts a few days later and was in a state of shock that he landed his dream car. Luis called his uncle first thing on Monday to finalize details of the sale. His uncle was surprised to hear that Luis was serious on the offer. Regretfully, Luis’ uncle informed him the car was promised to his own son. Luis was obviously disappointed, but understood the circumstances.


A year later Luis heard from the grapevine that his cousin was looking to purchase a truck and needed a loan. Luis thought this might be a good opportunity to finally be reunited with the wagon. Luis immediately called his cousin and instead of loaning him the money, Luis struck a deal to purchase the wagon outright. This was a win/win for both parties.


A year later Luis ended up moving back to Wisconsin and reality finally set in. The 510 looked almost the same as Luis remembered it. Initially Luis thought of simply slamming the car and keeping the original faded paint. However, Luis’ cousin started some work and partially primed the car. This meant that Luis had to switch gears with his plan.


With the move back home money was a bit tight. Rather then keeping the car a two-tone mess, Luis rattle-canned the car as a temporary solution until he was able to properly restore the car.


Several years went by and the 510 essentially stayed the same while Luis was able to save money and acquire parts. Luis was finally ready in late 2013. Great Lakes Autobody was procured for some light restoration, shaving, custom flares, and finally paint.

There are still things on Luis’ list that need to be addressed such as the interior and engine. For now, Luis is very happy with how the car turned out and simply enjoys driving the car as often as he can. We look forward to seeing what’s next for this wagon!

Info & Mod List

-JDM L18 W53
-4speed transmission
-Suspension Ground Control coilovers
-280zx shorten housing
-MR2 inserts
-T3 camber plates,
-2″ lowering Flexform rear springs
-Monroe rear airshocks
-3inch blocks
-280zx front brakes with hawk pads
-Work Equip 01 Wheels (15×8.5 & 15×9)
-Toyo Tires
-OEM Color Nissan Blue
-NOS emblems
-Customs Fender Flares
-Shaved rocker moldings
-Rear hatch vents shaved
-re-chromed front bumper/door handles
-JDM front grille
-BRE front lip
-JDM fender mirror
-Recaro front seats
-Grant wheel
-JDM center console