This Artist Exploded Your Favorite Racing Legends So That You Don’t Have To

How he creates his artwork is impressive, but technique is only a part of how Fabian Oefner captures iconic cars in these otherworldly scenes. Around the Petrolicious office, we’ve used a lot of bandwidth simply staring at Oefner’s latest work: racing cars “exploded” into an intricately frozen portrait.

His show, Disintegrating II, is on now at MB&F M.A.D.Gallery Dubai, and is worth examining even though these images were done using scale model cars and a hefty amount of Photoshop. From a sketch, Oefner focuses on the form of how his subjects will look when blown apart. Scale model cars are then delicately disassembled, then placed miniature part by miniature part with fine needles and string. Digital shots are constantly being taken of these pieces through the whole process.



Mind-bogglingly, each of the images you see here are the result of about two months of work, from model disassembly to composition. Oefner deftly combines each part photographed with the rest of the car, creating art that is unmistakably familiar and yet undoubtedly original.

You can view his work at the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery Dubai and at his website.


By Michael Banovsky

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